Mindset Makers for UPSC

This answer is going to be the most comprehensive and detailed answer in my teaching career of 12 years. So I would like to say that please have patience and don’t skip any sentence. I promise you will definitely get not only the answer which you wished but also other possible dimensions required for UPSC CSEPreparation.
So here we are!

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UPSC CSE 2024 ; Right???????

It may have different cases-


You’re in the last or second last year of your graduation.


You’ve completed graduation and pursuing master’s in some stream.


You’ve already attempted some attempts. But failed in those.


you’ve been doing preparation for some government job; either you’re motivated for civil services or with ongoing preparation now you wanna go for CSE too.


you’ve been doing preparation for some government job; either you’re motivated for civil services or with ongoing preparation now you wanna go for CSE too.


you’re in job and now after analysing the post COVID situations, you’re concerned about your career and wanna go for securing a permanent job.


Here in this case , you may have multiple attempts remaining, you’re at the age of 25–26.


In this case you’re at the age of 30 around and wanna do your best in life by writing CSE atleast two attempts

Now let’s start our journey- *stick to syllabus*

Take some proper guidance continuosly. It saves your time and stops you reading unnecessary stuff. You can join some coaching for regular updation or guidance. If you’re gonna do self study, then try to find channels which will guide you.
Also you have to make yourself prepared to face ups and downs as you have choosen a big target.

Now topics-
Indian Polity- resource , any book prefer Lakshmikant. With one additional source of PYQs topic wise. (Preliminary+ mains PYQs both). After finishing the book ,analyse PYQs. How to do it please refer my earlier answer.

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Now I would like to come on the way to prepare-


Get sorted completely about – what next ? You should have a clear plan in your mind..ok…if I get the desired result then fine and if I don’t then how I’ll come back! Job…next attempt.


Preparation- Keywords Knowledge+ perfect strategy . Getting knowledge (content) through- coaching or self study! If coaching then what ! Online or offline .


Follow dedicatedly the schedule. Cross examining your performance on regular
intervals. Keep your
health on priority too.

Go through the whole answer, I hope it’ll help you.

My experience says, family responsibilities never ends. Basically it’s an exponential function,as you proceed to bear those, more expectations will turn into responsibilities. I didn’t say to ignore those. But yeah somewhere we’ve to compromise.
Believe me , this CSE examination process demands a complete dedication. No need to be with notes always. But for two hours study, we need extra one and half hour for revising that. Only completing chapters won’t work

Ultimately, it’s up to us,how we want to proceed.

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My suggestion:

Sit alone first, with a pen and paper. Write down all cases.

  • Can I leave family for the time being?
  • What is my ultimate goal? holding the family or my own dreams and ambitions?
  • can I have balance between both at this time of preparation when exam is already on head?
  • is there other career options which are more attractive and can be dealt with family responsibilities?


Ans: I have been working with such guys since year 2011, from my IIT Delhi days. Had closely watched the process and at the same time I am associated with UPSC too. So I am trying to put my view-

Ans: Based on above exercise decide your goal. Take some time. It’s always better to take a good decision by investing proper time in analysing situations.

Don’t jump into the preparation by just watching short videos or motivational factory.
Once you’ve decided to go for it then accept that it’s a process not a single step.
Enjoy the process without making picnic plans of after selection. I’ll read polity to get understanding according to demand of exam, not according to my debates for Modi Gandhi affairs.
Analytical abilities+ Mugging of things both required. I can’t complain about why UPSC designed the syllabus like this.
Listening more, speaking less. Saving words and putting logical arguments.
Wherever needed to be changed, I’ll incorporate that based on the demand of the exam.

Ans: After getting multiple booster doses, you may feel that what rubbish I’m talking. But I believe that in current scenarios where maximum Aspirants are motivated through short videos on YouTube and insta reels; The most important thing is- Not to be hyper positive.
So yes it’s possible to clear this exam in the very first attempt but this temperament under any circumstances comes under hyper positivity as per my experience of this journey. Because it may hamper your day to day Effectivity. As in this case, after each class, mock test, you’ll be very happy if got good marks but will be mad if you’re getting less marks let’s say in consecutive mocks. Yeah, I saw this practically, so I put here.

Ans: Neither it’s necessary nor it’s sufficient.
For more clearity, I always suggest Aspirants to go through the words mentioned by UPSC. Even you shouldn’t believe blindly on my words.
The demand of this exam has multiple dimensions. A person strategies his/ her preparation in his/her strong dimensions. As we know that you need relative marks to be selected. So don’t try to make all dimensions strong.

You can try-
Strengthen your strengths
Improve your weaknesses.
These two things are required.

Ans. Whatever impact was expected; already happened in CSE main exam,2020. Almost in each paper, they asked a question about NEO.
Now just leave it. If CSE reforms comes into picture then only it may have impact, otherwise nothing.
We all know that REFORM in India takes decades. So just keep focusing on current syllabus only. Yeah, you can use this in your answer writing.