How to qualify CSAT with 15 days of preparation?

Perfect strategy

Going beyond Stereotypes

Presence of mind

Topic 1:- Reading Comprehensions

Wrong Perception:- Aspirants try to do it from various books specially designed for RCs. They think that RCs is a part of their static syllabus.

Right Strategy:- Be in the habit of reading good books. Don’t read these for syllabus only but also to improve your personality thought process traits development.
In this way, you go through different mindsets and understand paragraphs, meanings for any indication, theme of the story, implications of some action and so on.
15-20 minutes reading : before going to bed

So what to do for RCs

Step 1

Be in the habit of reading good books

Step 2

20 days before prelims start solving prev. years paper UPSC (CSE)

Day1:- Attempt all RCs in one go then see
Right Wrong
α β

Day 2:- Attempt all RCs in one go (for another year PYQ) then see
Right Wrong
α + β+

Follow this for 15 days.

Step 3

Observer what type of questions in the exam you have done wrong

Theme based?
Factual direct questions ?
So in the exam hall be attentive for those question which you do wrong frequently.

EXAM HALL:- Attempt all RCs in one go (35-40 minutes)

MATHS:- Don’t take it on heart. Although I’m from pure mathematic background, also teaching higher mathematics.
But in my exam CSE
I found many times/questions not easy to solve.

I just self those and moved or next question/section of reasoning …….

Funda:– Just read some basic formula any CSAT book don’t invest much time.

EXAM POINT:- It’s completely presence of mind
You can read general topics from book. But again I’m say it’s about your presence of mind.
Take it lightly.
I have developed try own fundas (5-10 minutes) :- If you wish you can talk t +91_9971030052