Answer Writing Practice – UPSC

Although I wanted to write a detailed strategy for a long as I witnessed the pattern of UPSC from one phase to the other and then the other. But every time I failed to do so. The reason was- I was not following any standard set of patterns for my essay preparation. So a bit hesitant about putting all my feelings in one go.
I took thousands of mentoring sessions (Individual Mentoring) offline and online. There I expressed all my feelings about essay strategy and after a level of conviction, Now I’m going to write: What I did and how I’m more positive about my strategy.

Mentoring:- After getting one of the highest marks in an essay paper; I was not surprised. Even during the preparation, I never got panic about this particular paper. Never took coaching for it.

Reason:- Somewhere I had the feeling that this particular paper is just about

  • Observations
  • Personality
  • connecting dots between individuals & Society. Individual society universalism
  • Emotions
Observations:- Anything that cannot soul to god is sticking on your principal.
My Observation: I started with world history: some quotes from Lincoln
Ok, why he said so in what context____!
(Analytical capabilities
Is that context not related to developing my personality
(Interview, GSIV, Essay)
What if I follow this principle?
(Personality Dev.)
Can’t as an admin it be good
Why do we usually react (God is one)!
America India
(Globalism, Society, Culture)
Why it helped me!
I started believing in myself: because I understand.
There is nothing like a slow learner or a fast learner. It’s all about how much ‘attentive’ you are at your work.
At the time of reading. I should read between the lines. Without getting the sense of some line/word. I should not skip to the next line
Made Me
Good at Reading comprehension (CSAT)
Learning how to express myself, Reading books other, than the syllabus
Analyzing any context with solid facts & figures (Answer writing GS)
Avoiding exaggeration of any particular point (Precise)

Be open:-
Windows open: to get fresh air
Doors closed: to be safe in disaster
I have done most of my research work in pure mathematics for almost two decades
Never studied philosophy as a subject. But I’m open to getting the vibe from good resources UPSC preparation made me full of joy and happiness, by reading humanities and then applying/ thinking of those as my maths learnings. so by reading the above (starting) line;
I Observe:-
Where does it make sense in my life
Can’t I relate it to disaster management
Can’t it be related to opening the economy for world powers
Sudden change or steady progress
Step (i):- Cover the static syllabus well to get the base to observe
Step (ii):- Don’t run behind getting more and more classes, for essay paper
Step (iii):- Be a good (observation full ) analytic
At each event of life
At the time of food (Dhava; Chhotu:…….
Don’t be over-expressive
Think, Think, Think
Step (iv):- (Read books other than the syllabus and learn how these legends express their ideas)
Essay CSE’ 2022:
More specifically
You have advised me to read my words.
Now go on each essay
Observe what UPSC demands You will get all my points validated
Connecting:- Economy and society
Society & Geography Geography & Culture
You have enough content from the GS preparation you need to develop attitude towards, representing your ideas.
Knowledge (Content) Knowledge + Skill
Don’t wait to become a perfect writer
Start feeling and express your feelings
you won’t believe that I used my Facebook id to express my writings
People appreciate As a story writer I don’t say you to start Facebook you can write your diary Notes etc. It’s a skill and evolves over the period of time.
Based on experiences, suggestions, feedback, counter questions, and healthy discussions; I’ve concluded that-
unless you don’t get the right strategy to align your CSE preparation, you’ll lose your capabilities and that won’t result as expected. So please go through each word. I’ve tried to summarize the answers to such questions.